Health Insurance Plans

The billing staff at Fifth Avenue Urology are experts in the field of managed healthcare and nuances of health insurance.

We encourage you to inquire with our staff when making your appointment about your particular coverage and expectations regarding insurance payments versus out of pocket expenses.

Dr. Larish participates in most insurance companies’ panels, and participates in Medicare. As the senior member of the group, Dr. Brodherson takes insurance as an out of network provider only. Dr. Brodherson does not participate in the Medicare plan, as has been his policy for many years.

Dr. Brodherson’s compensation from insurance plans out of network often covers the entire charge, or partially covers the charges. Our staff will work with you to minimize out of pocket expenses based on the insurance claims submitted. The reimbursement is very dependent on the quality of your plan, and we try to estimate if there will be any out of pocket expenses in advance.

Dr. Brodherson makes every effort to improve your healthcare experience. Often doctors that participate in insurance plans are forced to see many more patients per day, making the extreme personalized service that Dr. Brodherson provides, time prohibitive. Dr. Brodherson provides the finest quality of care including the access to him 24/7 via mobile phone, house calls when necessary, and extended time at every visit. Medicare patients should expect to be responsible for payments directly, similar to their experience with their dentists. In return Dr. Brodherson and his staff provide concierge level of personalized care.

With that said, Dr. Larish, also provides the finest quality of care, while accepting contracted reimbursement rates from insurance companies. He makes every effort to spend time with his patients and provide excellent bed-side manner, expertise, and the highest quality of care.